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Bentley is a global software vendor with over 2000 colleagues around the world. I happen to be SVP in charge of the Bentley Asia operating unit.

I have known Niels Batstra since April 2001, which was when he started working for us. Since July 2005 he has been employed in the capacity of Finance Director Asia on an expatriate assignment. His main task in Asia is supporting the business from a finance and sales perspective. Before moving to China, he was working as finance manager International in our office in the Netherlands.

The duration of his mission in Bentley Asia was planned to be short. Niels came in with a good knowledge of the Bentley finance infrastructure. As we were incorporating a new operating unit, the objective was to have Niels pull together the resources that we have in the regions and build the required processes around these resources. As planned, we then hired a local director and Niels is now training him and transitioning his processes over to this new director. His position is becoming redundant as a consequence of this transition, and I understand that Niels will be pursuing other opportunities on his way back to Europe.

Not being a finance professional myself, I will only attest to his attitude and to the benefits he brought to the operations. From my point of view, Niels has been very valuable to our operations in Asia. First he did move to China on a short notice. He was able to adapt to the Asia situation, to fix quantities of the accounting challenges we faced in our regions. During that whole build up process, nothing was easy and Niels had to figure things out on his own, which he did successfully. In this perspective, I would like to recommend Niels as a reliable and hard working finance manager.


Jean - Baptiste Monnier, PhD

Bentley Systems, Inc.
Sr. VP Bentley Asia
Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

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